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There are different models that help executives construct an IT strategy, yet most contain certain key elements including:

Although the IT strategy by its very nature needs to address complex technology details, it should not be considered a technical document, but rather a business document. As such, it should be written in clear, concise language that's free of technical jargon.

An IT strategy has become a critical element for organizational leadership in recent decades. Its growing importance mirrors the rise of technology itself as a critical element for business success. The importance of an IT strategy has been amplified over the past few years as organizations focus on digital transformation and thriving in the digital age. Technology is essential for creating new Sequined Striped Crochetknit Scarf Green Missoni hM1CEHZ
, products and services; enhancing customer service as well as customer experiences; increasing sales; enabling workers and improving productivity; and supporting interactions with vendors and other business partners.

As such, organizations must formulate a technology strategy to accomplish those things as well as compete against others with the same objectives.

Some organizations, particularly platform companies and other businesses whose entire product is based on technology offerings, may decide to forgo a separate IT strategy. Instead, these organizations may (and, in some cases, already are) fold IT strategies into the overall business strategy to create a single unified document.

Just as there are varying models for the document itself, there are multiple ways to approach the creation of an IT strategy. Still, commonalities exist, such as an initial review of the organization's existing strategic IT plan and related documents.

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A CEO explains the two-speed approach to IT strategy.

This step should be followed by an assessment of how the organization is meeting established objectives, milestones, benchmarks and relevant key performance indicators . This assessment should identify the technology currently in use and the gaps that exist between these current IT operations and the objectives and strategic goals outlined in the ongoing strategic plans.

2. Create a distraction to-do list. Because the internet has made any bit of information instantly accessible, we tend to want to look something up the moment it crosses our mind. “I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow?” “What year did that movie come out?” “I wonder what’s new in my Facebook feed?” Consequently, we’ll toggle away from what we’re working on the instant these questions or thoughts pop into our minds. Problem is, once we get distracted, Ties On Sale Asphalt Grey Silk 2017 one size Christian Lacroix Ties On Sale Asphalt Grey one size Christian Lacroix NIKdrt7
to return to our original task. Plus, shifting our attention back and forth drains its strength.

So to stay on task, whenever something you want to check out pops into your head, just write it down on a piece of paper next to you (or perhaps in Evernote for you tech types), and promise yourself you’ll be able to look it up once your focusing session is over and your break time has arrived.

3. Build your willpower. Voluntary attention and willpower are intimately entwined. Our willpower allows us to deliberately ignore distractions while staying focused on the task at hand. It would serve your attention span well to Modal Scarf romantic pink peony by VIDA VIDA IfiWxn

4. Meditate. Not only does meditation help keep you cool, calm, and collected, research has also shown again and again that mindfulness meditation can boost your attention span significantly.

In one study, 140 volunteers took part in an eight-week course in meditation training. After the eight weeks, all the volunteers showed measurable improvements in attention span, as well as other executive mental functions.

You don’t have to spend your days meditating in a monastery to take advantage of its attention-boosting power. Research has shown that just 10 to 20 minutes of meditation a day will do the trick. What’s more, you’ll even see improvements in your attention after just four days.

So if you want the power to focus on your studies for hours at a time, start your mornings off just focusing on your breath for a few minutes.

5. Practice mindfulness throughout the day. In addition to dedicating 10 to 20 minutes a day to mindfulness meditation, attention experts recommend finding opportunities to practice mindfulness throughout your day. Mindfulness is simply focusing completely on what you’re doing, slowing down, and observing all of the physical and emotional sensations you are experiencing in that moment.

You can practice mindfulness when you eat as you take time to really chew your food and concentrate on its flavors and texture. You can practice mindfulness when you shave; as you smell your shaving cream, note the pleasure of applying a warm lather to your face, and slowly drag the razor across your stubble.

Incorporating short sessions of mindfulness throughout your day will strengthen and expand your attention span for the times when you really need it.

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Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands


Strange happenings.

Meet your allies near the new Seraph outpost in Brisban Wildlands .

This is a fairly straightforward mission, although enemies are more powerful than you may be used to from the personal story . Consider bringing skills that give Stability if you intend to use melee in the later portion, since both the Veteran Golem and its Mark I Golemite adds repeatedly use Gem Slide in Cream size 8 also in 67 Mystique HJe1AdgAoJ
. Using Mens Striped Silk Necktie Dolcepunta 6ECak
on Womens Petite Thermaskin Heat Longjohns 10 12 Lands End VRYCC6ac
that have bunched up together is very effective as well.

At the start of the instance, walk to Corporal Jantzen to start the dialogue with your allies. At some point, Inquest will first start to attack the northern pass and a bit later the southern pass which you have to defend for a while. After defending for a while, Seraph workers will appear building up barricades at the northern and then the southern pass. You will have to defend them while they do that. As soon as the barricades are up, a Veteran Experimental Mark I Golem is launched into the base. The golem will repeatedly spawn small golemites that follow you around. Ignore the golemites and just kill the experimental golem to end the fight. Afterwards, talk to Jantzen again to complete the instance.

Note: You must have already finished this story once prior on a given character to being able to get this achievement. On the second time through on a given character can you get this achievement.

This achievement requires you to not let any of the Seraph repair workers perish. After you've finished defending the eastern pass from the first wave of Inquest , run up to the northern pass (you should be able to get up the slope, but you'll be able to get around the long way in time) and save those workers! The workers don't go down too quickly, and even then it's simple enough to keep the Inquest off them. Area of effect skills are good for getting aggro , and crowd control skills such as Inception Golden Tie Clip Trendhim 0r3mte72Y
are useful if things get a little hairy.

This achievement requires you to not get hit by any of the projectiles that come from the Experimental Mark I Golem's Static Discharge skill. This is easy enough to do by equipping the longest ranged weapon that your profession allows and using the terrain to your advantage. It is possible to get to the top of a nearby tower to avoid all projectiles altogether, since they are ground-bound projectiles that will not fly upward. However, the snag comes in trying to obtain this achievement and the one below simultaneously.

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Middle East
20 June 2018

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Syrian pro-government forces committed a crime against humanity and war crimes during their siege of the Eastern Ghouta region, UN investigators say.

A new report says troops caused serious mental and physical suffering to the rebel enclave's residents by bombarding their homes and denying them food.

They also allegedly attacked protected objects like hospitals deliberately.

Rebel forces are accused of committing a war crime by indiscriminately shelling civilians in nearby Damascus.

But the investigators are still looking into whether chemical weapons were used in an attack in April on what was then the last rebel town in the Eastern Ghouta.

They said the evidence pointed to the use of chlorine in Douma, but that some people had exhibited symptoms more consistent with exposure to a nerve agent.

The US, UK and France have said they are confident the government used chemical weapons but it has accused them of "staging" the incident.

The five-year siege of the Eastern Ghouta, an agricultural region outside the capital where at least 265,000 civilians lived, was the longest in modern history.

It came to an end in April, after a two-month offensive by pro-government forces, backed by Russian air strikes, that decimated homes, markets, and hospitals and reportedly left more than 1,700 men, women and children dead.

The report published by the UN's Commission of Inquiry on Syria on Wednesday condemned the government's method of warfare as "barbaric and medieval" and painted a graphic picture of the misery of civilians who lived there.

With power and water cut off, they resorted to burning plastic to generate electricity and dug hundreds of wells in the hope of finding clean water. As the bombardment intensified, they retreated to overcrowded basement shelters lacking toilets.

"It is completely abhorrent that besieged civilians were indiscriminately attacked, and systematically denied food and medicine," said the chairman of the commission, Paulo Pinheiro.

The report finds that through the widespread and systematic bombardment of civilian areas and objects, and the continued denial of food and medicine to besieged civilians, pro-government forces "perpetrated the crime against humanity of inhumane acts causing serious mental and physical suffering".

The report also concludes that the frequency of attacks on official and makeshift hospitals "strongly suggests that pro-government forces systematically targeted medical facilities, repeatedly committing the war crime of deliberately attacking protected objects, and intentionally attacking medical personnel".

There was no immediate response to the report from the Syrian government or its allies but at the time of the offensive they denied targeting civilians or civilian infrastructure, and blamed rebel fighters for operating in residential areas.

Rebel groups, including Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham, along with the al-Qaeda-linked jihadist alliance Hayat Tahrir al-Sham relentlessly fired unguided mortars into neighbouring Damascus and other nearby areas, killing and maiming hundreds of civilians, according to the report.

"Even if pro-government forces are bombing and starving the civilian population of Eastern Ghouta into submission, there can be no justification for the indiscriminate shelling of civilian inhabited areas in Damascus," said commission member Hanny Megally.

The report says rebels also regularly arbitrarily arrested and tortured civilians, including members of religious minority groups, which constituted the war crimes of cruel treatment and torture, and outrages upon personal dignity.

The report notes that by the time the government declared the Eastern Ghouta successfully recaptured, some 140,000 people had been displaced from their homes, tens of thousands of whom are still being unlawfully interned by government forces in managed sites.

Another 50,000 civilians were bussed to rebel-held areas in Idlib and Aleppo provinces under "evacuation agreements" that the commission has in the past warned could constitute forced displacement.

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Wiltshire pair poisoned by Novichok nerve agent

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